torstai 26. elokuuta 2010

Nokia & Intel establish first joint research lab in Oulu

As many of you probably know, most of realXtend development has been done in three companies based in Oulu, Finland. LudoCraft and Evocativi (then ADMINO technologies) have been involved since the beginning in 2007, Playsign joined the project officially in 2009.

We were all happy to hear the news and honored about the opportunity to present realXtend at the event when Nokia and Intel decided to found the joint research lab at the Center for Internet Excellence. Many of the realXtend developers have graduated from or are still studying at the University of Oulu where the CIE resides, which naturally leads to us having good contacts there. Not to mention a degree of pride for having two industry giants choose Oulu as a location for the joint research center.

Here's a couple of links to more information:
Official CIE website
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Maxping articles by a former realXtend program manager Jani Pirkola