tiistai 16. syyskuuta 2008

Once again it's time for the weekly meeting logs. I'm still You and this time we have a guest star from OpenLife Grid.

[3:30] You: should I start
[3:30] Anna Asplund: please do that
[3:30] You: Ok, the official weekly meeting of 160908 is now officially official
[3:30] Sakai OpenLife: :)
[3:31] You: The situation at Admino is pretty simple right now, the code is frozen solid and we're working on testing etc.
[3:31] You: Currently we're busy working on grid mode -related stuff, there's quite a bit of fixing in it
[3:32] You: We're also doing some architecture stuff so that we have good tasks for the next sprint
[3:32] You: We're also doing some architecture stuff so that we have good tasks for the next sprint
[3:32] Tuomo Korva: would be nice to get short tutorials to wiki about ye new features
[3:32] Tuomo Korva: or at least descriptions
[3:32] Tuomo Korva: or at least descriptions
[3:32] Sakai OpenLife: such as...
[3:33] You: we'll keep working full speed towards a more functional grid mode at least until tomorrow evening, when we evaluate the situation again
[3:33] You: I can provide you with some documentation pretty soon
[3:33] You: wiki-stuff will be coming sort of soonish also, perhaps
[3:33] Tuomo Korva: see the change log what to document
[3:33] Tuomo Korva: see the change log what to document
[3:33] Anna Asplund: I would like to know if you are testing some lc features also? we would like some feedback maybe?
[3:33] Tuomo Korva: Global inventory for different asset types
[3:34] Tuomo Korva: Global instant messaging between sims
[3:34] Tuomo Korva: etc...
[3:34] Tuomo Korva: etc...
[3:34] Sakai OpenLife: global messaging is that building off teravus's XMPP work?
[3:34] You: but we haven't really dug into Ludo stuff as of yet
[3:34] You: we have our own global IM placeholder right now
[3:34] You: we have our own global IM placeholder right now
[3:35] Sakai OpenLife: kool
[3:35] You: we're looking into building a proper system or hopefully rather picking up one that already exists
[3:35] Sakai OpenLife: it would be good to pick up an existing sys
[3:35] Tuomo Korva: double messages, bug...
[3:36] You: fixing that bug will probably require rewriting a lot of the comms code
[3:36] Sakai OpenLife: there's some good examples in OS -> I can grab you an SVN #
[3:36] You: did Sakai & co already do something about it?
[3:36] Sakai OpenLife: for the commit that fixed double chat
[3:36] You: yeah I remember you mentioning it
[3:38] Mikko Pallari: If I remember correctly, they added acks to chat msgs
[3:38] Sakai OpenLife: yup
[3:38] You: anyway, there's not much more to tell about our current situation
[3:38] Sakai OpenLife: there's a lot unack'd in ur current code
[3:38] You: so Anna, please go ahead and tell us about LudoCraft
[3:38] Anna Asplund: We have been testing all new features at LudoCraft, and doing the documentation to wiki
[3:39] Anna Asplund: Integrating create avatar account feature to realXtend webpages is still on our task list. However we cannot change the appearance of the form.
[3:39] You: anyway, the entire comms stuff is a bit flaky right now and I wouldn't mind a complete rewrite of major portions, it'll just take time
[3:40] Anna Asplund: This create avatar account is something that needs work from your side, if possible?! or how do you suggest we should do it?
[3:40] You: ok, Rock-Andy said he'll be sending you the code for the interface
[3:40] Anna Asplund: That sounds good.
[3:41] Tuomo Korva: so we'll do release candidates on monday morning?
[3:41] You: erm hopefully perhaps maybe
[3:41] Anna Asplund: can you specify?
[3:41] Sakai OpenLife chuckles...
[3:42] You: we should at least aim for rc phase on Monday morning
[3:42] Anna Asplund: Antti, you said you might visit Ludocraft tomorrow?
[3:42] Tuomo Korva: bugfixing and testing unti then
[3:42] You: sure, I wouldn't mind having a chat with you guys
[3:43] You: and tomorrow would probably be the best day to do so
[3:43] Tuomo Korva: only sure-fixes and critical-fixes to SVN
[3:43] Tuomo Korva: no new features
[3:43] Anna Asplund: New features can wait until next sprint
[3:44] Tuomo Korva: we're using the r15 for this release, that is certain now
[3:44] Sakai OpenLife: If Klee was here it might be worth finding out how much further he has gotten
[3:45] Sakai OpenLife: we already have R15.1 stable
[3:45] Sakai OpenLife: and now R16 alpha
[3:45] Tuomo Korva: i think we'll go with r15 for this release
[3:45] Sakai OpenLife: all work after R15.1 ->R16
[3:45] Sakai OpenLife: is RealXtend based work
[3:45] Tuomo Korva: that's what we have been testing
[3:45] You: it would be nice to have Klee and our client coders co-ordinate a bit
[3:45] You: but I assume that's already sort of sorted?
[3:45] Sakai OpenLife: we're trying ... need to get you guys pushed into TRAC
[3:45] Tuomo Korva: which was not that great
[3:45] Tuomo Korva: he put some code to svn after the freeze
[3:45] You: ok
[3:46] Sakai OpenLife: yes
[3:46] Sakai OpenLife: based on feedback from the early 20080828 release you guys made it was very unstable
[3:46] Sakai OpenLife: 50/50 just to get a startup
[3:46] Sakai OpenLife: he's put a lot more work into this issue
[3:47] Tuomo Korva: in our tests r15 seems to be very stable
[3:47] Tuomo Korva: we haven't had random crashes for a long time
[3:47] Sakai OpenLife: the actual viewer running yes stable
[3:47] Sakai OpenLife: but with different hardware out there
[3:47] Sakai OpenLife: it's been very hit and moss to actually get the client to load
[3:48] You: well, in the future we're going to get a pretty broad userbase and thus more configurations etc.
[3:49] You: maybe we should come up with some sort of a bug reporting form so that we get consistent data on the users' systems
[3:49] Sakai OpenLife: yes there were a lot of issues with Ati users
[3:49] Sakai OpenLife: we have in place for the public dev beta testing grid
[3:49] Sakai OpenLife: an issue reporting system
[3:49] You: sounds nice, I'll have to check it out sometime
[3:49] Sakai OpenLife: which we'll then try to marry up with server log / reproduce etc
[3:50] Sakai OpenLife: and input into track
[3:50] Sakai OpenLife: so that TRAC doesn't become a large collection of untested bugs
[3:50] Anna Asplund: That is a good idea to make a simple enough report form or use any available system
[3:50] Sakai OpenLife: yes that's pretty much what we've done
[3:50] Sakai OpenLife: made a simplified report system with search and view others etc
[3:50] Sakai OpenLife: then we'll go through that information
[3:50] Anna Asplund: ok
[3:51] Sakai OpenLife: and create TRAC tickets
[3:51] Anna Asplund: how much data/input you get from users?
[3:51] Sakai OpenLife: (prevent a bloated untested collection of tickets)
[3:51] Sakai OpenLife: heeeeeeeaps
[3:51] Sakai OpenLife: lol
[3:51] Anna Asplund: Does it take long to process their reports?
[3:51] Sakai OpenLife: there's probably a good 2-3000 users ready to get into the public beta
[3:51] Sakai OpenLife: not long
[3:51] Sakai OpenLife: we're here full time
[3:52] Sakai OpenLife: when we're ready to open we'll keep daily SVN update to the public beta
[3:52] Sakai OpenLife: to keep the debug relevant
[3:52] Sakai OpenLife: so you could see them within hours of them coming in
[3:52] Sakai OpenLife: we'll also do a viewer 'control'
[3:52] You: sounds reasonable
[3:52] Sakai OpenLife: to the system
[3:53] Anna Asplund: hmm, what do you mean viewer control
[3:53] Sakai OpenLife: by having a recommened DL for the dev beta environment only
[3:53] Sakai OpenLife: bug reports are rather useless if we're not sure of what they're connecting with
[3:53] Sakai OpenLife: so we keep all the participants up to date
[3:54] Sakai OpenLife: with whatever test viewer of the day
[3:54] Anna Asplund: all right, that is true
[3:54] Tuomo Korva: we have another meeting starting in 5 mins, i guess we have gone through the important issues
[3:54] Anna Asplund: yes, what do you think antti? should we end this meeting
[3:55] You: I suppose there's nothing more to report about what LC is doing?
[3:55] You: are there any issues anyone would like to raise?
[3:55] Sakai OpenLife: well...
[3:55] Sakai OpenLife: lol
[3:55] Anna Asplund: planning the content of course and planning the features for next sprint
[3:55] Anna Asplund: this we could discuss tomorrow, if you visit
[3:56] You: ok
[3:56] You: hmm next tuesday's the planning date?
[3:56] You: aargh I didn't remember
[3:56] You: aargh I didn't remember
[3:56] You: it's going to be busy for us all
[3:56] Anna Asplund: yes, so do we meet then or not
[3:57] Anna Asplund: maybe a bit difficult, but doable
[3:57] You: but anyway, I believe we can conclude this meeting and continue about that later
[3:57] You: I'll be there tomorrow, sure
[3:57] Anna Asplund: see you later
[3:57] You: ok
[3:57] Sakai OpenLife: Cya Anna
[3:57] Tuomo Korva: bye
[3:57] You: thanks for being here
[3:57] Anna Asplund: bye everyone
[3:57] You: see you later alligators

keskiviikko 10. syyskuuta 2008

As before, this is the log file from the realXtend weekly meeting held at 9.9.2008. "You" refers to "me", who once again is Antti Ilomäki.

[3:03] You: ok so let's begin
[3:03] You: first of all, it is apparent that the IM bug is still alive and kicking
[3:04] You: I'm pretty satisfied with what we've achieved in this sprint
[3:04] You: it is quite likely that we'll have a good set of features ready tonight
[3:05] You: we're currently working on VoIP, global teleport requests, U/V flipping for meshes and publish my world -functionality
[3:05] You: chances are that all of that stuff will make it to testing tonight
[3:06] You: we're going to continue some tasks after the code freeze, since stuff like planning & architecturing or the publish my world web interface don't affect the other code that much
[3:07] You: we've even managed to do a LITTLE good for the VoIP
[3:07] You: but anyway, that's pretty much it except for the version number
[3:08] Anna Asplund: end of discussion
[3:08] You: I'd prefer 0.4, but it's all the same to me
[3:08] Anna Asplund: 0.31
[3:08] Anna Asplund: so version 0.31 was the deal I thought
[3:08] You: also note that OpenSim is approaching 0.6 and it might soon be useful to synchronize version numbers
[3:09] You: I don't think we have specific criteria for version numbers, but what we have now on the server side is one of the bigger releases we've done so far
[3:09] Anna Asplund: All right Antti, but we should have the decision made earlier, in the planning session for the sprint if possible
[3:09] You: but anyway, 0.31 is fine by me
[3:10] Anna Asplund: Thanks Antti, nice that you agree with us
[3:10] You: I don't think any decisions were made, I just kind of assumed we were heading for 0.4
[3:10] Jani Pirkola: we can sync the version number when rex modules are done by Adam
[3:10] You: anyway, that's it for me
[3:10] Anna Asplund: Well, Mikko, Tuomo and Lasse decided yesterday that the version should be 0.31, we can sync later on
[3:11] You: btw, do we have a target date for 1.0?
[3:13] You: so how's it going at Ludo?
[3:13] Anna Asplund: I think we are pretty happy
[3:13] You: yay
[3:14] Anna Asplund: If the code that is committed today seems stylish, seems good
[3:14] Anna Asplund: Tuomo, do you want to comment
[3:14] Tuomo Korva: couple of things:
[3:15] Tuomo Korva: 1) world.realxtend.org needs to be redirected somewhere
[3:15] Tuomo Korva: to the server we have in the us
[3:15] Tuomo Korva: ?
[3:15] Tuomo Korva: we're just about to set it up
[3:15] Tuomo Korva: tested it today, seems to work quite well
[3:15] Mikko Pallari is Online
[3:16] Tuomo Korva: but we are thinking now what world to put there?
[3:16] You: Tommi can probably do that tomorrow
[3:16] You: Tommi can probably do that tomorrow
[3:16] Mikko Pallari is Online
[3:16] You: the fishy worldy stuff?
[3:16] You: the fishy worldy stuff?
[3:16] Anna Asplund: The thing is that content is not quite there yet
[3:16] Tuomo Korva: because the fishworld will be "static", nothing else to do than move around
[3:17] Juho Myllylahti is Online
[3:17] Tuomo Korva: so is the effect going to be like "looks good"...they move around for a couple of minutes and the leave
[3:17] You: everyone knows that this is an internal test server, if we release something official it shouldn't be too sucky
[3:17] Tuomo Korva: because there is nothing else to do
[3:17] Juho Myllylahti is Online
[3:17] Anna Asplund: We would not like to open it to the public before it is more spectacular
[3:17] You: I say we don't release official world.realxtend until we have SOMETHING
[3:18] Tuomo Korva: one idea is to put the livingroom there
[3:18] Tuomo Korva: and so that it can't be edited
[3:18] Tuomo Korva: with auto-post-processing effects
[3:18] You: Well that's still a bit static and not quite as pretty
[3:18] You: but maybe, sure
[3:18] You: we need to have some content available
[3:18] Tuomo Korva: also we need to test how it workds
[3:18] You: it's a bit of a dilemma
[3:19] Anna Asplund: I agree with Antti, we should not make the world public if not necessary
[3:19] You: Isn't Steve about to sort the content problem for us soon anyway?
[3:20] Anna Asplund: How soon is that?
[3:20] Jani Pirkola: yeah, but the content may be crappy first
[3:20] Tuomo Korva: we have the content in some state, but the functionality is still missing
[3:20] You: the official reX content stuff could be spectacular and user created worlds will take care of the mass of stuff to explore until then
[3:20] Tuomo Korva: the wov functionality i mean
[3:20] You: Didn't he already release the info that OpenLifeGrid is going reX?
[3:21] Anna Asplund: What decision can we make about publicity now?
[3:21] You: I don't really know how long it would take for him to actually switch to reX and for the users to start creating content
[3:21] Anna Asplund: It takes a while, definitely
[3:21] Jani Pirkola: Steve said that beta grid will open today, but the actual switch will be in 1 month
[3:22] Anna Asplund: So the users are notified now or in a month
[3:22] You: how large an entity is the beta grid?
[3:22] You: the users have been notified already?
[3:22] You: the users have been notified already?
[3:22] Jani Pirkola: yes
[3:23] Tuomo Korva: btw, we can publish the wiki in this release
[3:23] Jani Pirkola: good idea
[3:24] Anna Asplund: The wiki is a good solution for documentation
[3:24] Jani Pirkola: Thanks for the kiss, Tuomo ;)
[3:24] Tuomo Korva: there are some features the admino guys should document there
[3:24] You: all of them?
[3:24] Tuomo Korva: did mikko get the url to there?
[3:25] Tuomo Korva: not all
[3:25] You: he did
[3:25] You: why not all
[3:25] Tuomo Korva: at least the new user rights management thing
[3:25] Tuomo Korva: at least the new user rights management thing
[3:25] Tuomo Korva: the authenticate command system
[3:25] Tuomo Korva: or was it authentication
[3:25] You: Hmm I probably have the instructions somewhere
[3:26] Tuomo Korva: i can probably put the url here right now, it will be public anways soon?
[3:26] Mikko Pallari: btw. what is the new viewport/rtt-camera feature?
[3:26] Tuomo Korva: pic in pic
[3:27] Tuomo Korva: you can have security cameras
[3:27] You: yay security
[3:27] You: 1984
[3:27] Tuomo Korva: virtual that is
[3:28] Tuomo Korva: virtual cameras to other parts of the world, and then have the picture from the virtual camera in some texture on a prim
[3:28] You: can I have a security cam on my site so that it records all the griefer activity while I'm gone?
[3:28] Tuomo Korva: so the wiki is here: http://www.rexdeveloper.org/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page
[3:29] You: well, anyway, are there any specific points for tonight?
[3:29] You: Tommi or someone should redirect the world.realxtend some time soon
[3:29] Tuomo Korva: keep the code clean :)
[3:29] Juho Myllylahti is Offline
[3:29] Juho Myllylahti is Offline
[3:29] Tuomo Korva: and not many bugs
[3:29] Tuomo Korva: testing starts
[3:29] Tuomo Korva: and more documentation to wiki, too
[3:30] You: our code is always squeaky clean
[3:30] Tuomo Korva: ok. if you make some accounts to the wiki I can give you rights to edit it
[3:31] You: anyway, can we conclude this meeting?
[3:31] Tuomo Korva: wiki is readonly for everyone, you need to be rex-approved to able to edit it
[3:31] You: ok
[3:31] Anna Asplund: Does Jani have anything to add?
[3:32] Tuomo Korva: what was the world.realxtend.org content decision?
[3:32] Jani Pirkola: I am in a meeting in RL here so my attention is a bit elsewhere
[3:32] Tuomo Korva: livingroom?
[3:32] Tuomo Korva: livingroom special edition that is.
[3:32] You: for now it can be anything if we're not advertizing it to the great public
[3:32] Anna Asplund: Is livinroom ok for everyone. If we don't shout about it to public too much
[3:32] You: except of course for the billions who read my blog
[3:32] Tuomo Korva: ok
[3:32] Tuomo Korva: ok
[3:32] Jani Pirkola: ok for me too
[3:33] Tuomo Korva: we'll see how many billions come there then :)
[3:33] Anna Asplund: Fine.
[3:33] Tuomo Korva: oki, tha's all for me
[3:33] You: Ok, the meeting is concluded, I'll go do some VoIP testing
[3:33] You: Ok, the meeting is concluded, I'll go do some VoIP testing
[3:33] Juho Myllylahti is Online
[3:33] You: see you later
[3:33] Jani Pirkola: cu thanks
[3:34] Anna Asplund: see you