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As before, this is the log file from the realXtend weekly meeting held at 9.9.2008. "You" refers to "me", who once again is Antti Ilomäki.

[3:03] You: ok so let's begin
[3:03] You: first of all, it is apparent that the IM bug is still alive and kicking
[3:04] You: I'm pretty satisfied with what we've achieved in this sprint
[3:04] You: it is quite likely that we'll have a good set of features ready tonight
[3:05] You: we're currently working on VoIP, global teleport requests, U/V flipping for meshes and publish my world -functionality
[3:05] You: chances are that all of that stuff will make it to testing tonight
[3:06] You: we're going to continue some tasks after the code freeze, since stuff like planning & architecturing or the publish my world web interface don't affect the other code that much
[3:07] You: we've even managed to do a LITTLE good for the VoIP
[3:07] You: but anyway, that's pretty much it except for the version number
[3:08] Anna Asplund: end of discussion
[3:08] You: I'd prefer 0.4, but it's all the same to me
[3:08] Anna Asplund: 0.31
[3:08] Anna Asplund: so version 0.31 was the deal I thought
[3:08] You: also note that OpenSim is approaching 0.6 and it might soon be useful to synchronize version numbers
[3:09] You: I don't think we have specific criteria for version numbers, but what we have now on the server side is one of the bigger releases we've done so far
[3:09] Anna Asplund: All right Antti, but we should have the decision made earlier, in the planning session for the sprint if possible
[3:09] You: but anyway, 0.31 is fine by me
[3:10] Anna Asplund: Thanks Antti, nice that you agree with us
[3:10] You: I don't think any decisions were made, I just kind of assumed we were heading for 0.4
[3:10] Jani Pirkola: we can sync the version number when rex modules are done by Adam
[3:10] You: anyway, that's it for me
[3:10] Anna Asplund: Well, Mikko, Tuomo and Lasse decided yesterday that the version should be 0.31, we can sync later on
[3:11] You: btw, do we have a target date for 1.0?
[3:13] You: so how's it going at Ludo?
[3:13] Anna Asplund: I think we are pretty happy
[3:13] You: yay
[3:14] Anna Asplund: If the code that is committed today seems stylish, seems good
[3:14] Anna Asplund: Tuomo, do you want to comment
[3:14] Tuomo Korva: couple of things:
[3:15] Tuomo Korva: 1) needs to be redirected somewhere
[3:15] Tuomo Korva: to the server we have in the us
[3:15] Tuomo Korva: ?
[3:15] Tuomo Korva: we're just about to set it up
[3:15] Tuomo Korva: tested it today, seems to work quite well
[3:15] Mikko Pallari is Online
[3:16] Tuomo Korva: but we are thinking now what world to put there?
[3:16] You: Tommi can probably do that tomorrow
[3:16] You: Tommi can probably do that tomorrow
[3:16] Mikko Pallari is Online
[3:16] You: the fishy worldy stuff?
[3:16] You: the fishy worldy stuff?
[3:16] Anna Asplund: The thing is that content is not quite there yet
[3:16] Tuomo Korva: because the fishworld will be "static", nothing else to do than move around
[3:17] Juho Myllylahti is Online
[3:17] Tuomo Korva: so is the effect going to be like "looks good"...they move around for a couple of minutes and the leave
[3:17] You: everyone knows that this is an internal test server, if we release something official it shouldn't be too sucky
[3:17] Tuomo Korva: because there is nothing else to do
[3:17] Juho Myllylahti is Online
[3:17] Anna Asplund: We would not like to open it to the public before it is more spectacular
[3:17] You: I say we don't release official world.realxtend until we have SOMETHING
[3:18] Tuomo Korva: one idea is to put the livingroom there
[3:18] Tuomo Korva: and so that it can't be edited
[3:18] Tuomo Korva: with auto-post-processing effects
[3:18] You: Well that's still a bit static and not quite as pretty
[3:18] You: but maybe, sure
[3:18] You: we need to have some content available
[3:18] Tuomo Korva: also we need to test how it workds
[3:18] You: it's a bit of a dilemma
[3:19] Anna Asplund: I agree with Antti, we should not make the world public if not necessary
[3:19] You: Isn't Steve about to sort the content problem for us soon anyway?
[3:20] Anna Asplund: How soon is that?
[3:20] Jani Pirkola: yeah, but the content may be crappy first
[3:20] Tuomo Korva: we have the content in some state, but the functionality is still missing
[3:20] You: the official reX content stuff could be spectacular and user created worlds will take care of the mass of stuff to explore until then
[3:20] Tuomo Korva: the wov functionality i mean
[3:20] You: Didn't he already release the info that OpenLifeGrid is going reX?
[3:21] Anna Asplund: What decision can we make about publicity now?
[3:21] You: I don't really know how long it would take for him to actually switch to reX and for the users to start creating content
[3:21] Anna Asplund: It takes a while, definitely
[3:21] Jani Pirkola: Steve said that beta grid will open today, but the actual switch will be in 1 month
[3:22] Anna Asplund: So the users are notified now or in a month
[3:22] You: how large an entity is the beta grid?
[3:22] You: the users have been notified already?
[3:22] You: the users have been notified already?
[3:22] Jani Pirkola: yes
[3:23] Tuomo Korva: btw, we can publish the wiki in this release
[3:23] Jani Pirkola: good idea
[3:24] Anna Asplund: The wiki is a good solution for documentation
[3:24] Jani Pirkola: Thanks for the kiss, Tuomo ;)
[3:24] Tuomo Korva: there are some features the admino guys should document there
[3:24] You: all of them?
[3:24] Tuomo Korva: did mikko get the url to there?
[3:25] Tuomo Korva: not all
[3:25] You: he did
[3:25] You: why not all
[3:25] Tuomo Korva: at least the new user rights management thing
[3:25] Tuomo Korva: at least the new user rights management thing
[3:25] Tuomo Korva: the authenticate command system
[3:25] Tuomo Korva: or was it authentication
[3:25] You: Hmm I probably have the instructions somewhere
[3:26] Tuomo Korva: i can probably put the url here right now, it will be public anways soon?
[3:26] Mikko Pallari: btw. what is the new viewport/rtt-camera feature?
[3:26] Tuomo Korva: pic in pic
[3:27] Tuomo Korva: you can have security cameras
[3:27] You: yay security
[3:27] You: 1984
[3:27] Tuomo Korva: virtual that is
[3:28] Tuomo Korva: virtual cameras to other parts of the world, and then have the picture from the virtual camera in some texture on a prim
[3:28] You: can I have a security cam on my site so that it records all the griefer activity while I'm gone?
[3:28] Tuomo Korva: so the wiki is here:
[3:29] You: well, anyway, are there any specific points for tonight?
[3:29] You: Tommi or someone should redirect the world.realxtend some time soon
[3:29] Tuomo Korva: keep the code clean :)
[3:29] Juho Myllylahti is Offline
[3:29] Juho Myllylahti is Offline
[3:29] Tuomo Korva: and not many bugs
[3:29] Tuomo Korva: testing starts
[3:29] Tuomo Korva: and more documentation to wiki, too
[3:30] You: our code is always squeaky clean
[3:30] Tuomo Korva: ok. if you make some accounts to the wiki I can give you rights to edit it
[3:31] You: anyway, can we conclude this meeting?
[3:31] Tuomo Korva: wiki is readonly for everyone, you need to be rex-approved to able to edit it
[3:31] You: ok
[3:31] Anna Asplund: Does Jani have anything to add?
[3:32] Tuomo Korva: what was the content decision?
[3:32] Jani Pirkola: I am in a meeting in RL here so my attention is a bit elsewhere
[3:32] Tuomo Korva: livingroom?
[3:32] Tuomo Korva: livingroom special edition that is.
[3:32] You: for now it can be anything if we're not advertizing it to the great public
[3:32] Anna Asplund: Is livinroom ok for everyone. If we don't shout about it to public too much
[3:32] You: except of course for the billions who read my blog
[3:32] Tuomo Korva: ok
[3:32] Tuomo Korva: ok
[3:32] Jani Pirkola: ok for me too
[3:33] Tuomo Korva: we'll see how many billions come there then :)
[3:33] Anna Asplund: Fine.
[3:33] Tuomo Korva: oki, tha's all for me
[3:33] You: Ok, the meeting is concluded, I'll go do some VoIP testing
[3:33] You: Ok, the meeting is concluded, I'll go do some VoIP testing
[3:33] Juho Myllylahti is Online
[3:33] You: see you later
[3:33] Jani Pirkola: cu thanks
[3:34] Anna Asplund: see you

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