tiistai 16. syyskuuta 2008

Once again it's time for the weekly meeting logs. I'm still You and this time we have a guest star from OpenLife Grid.

[3:30] You: should I start
[3:30] Anna Asplund: please do that
[3:30] You: Ok, the official weekly meeting of 160908 is now officially official
[3:30] Sakai OpenLife: :)
[3:31] You: The situation at Admino is pretty simple right now, the code is frozen solid and we're working on testing etc.
[3:31] You: Currently we're busy working on grid mode -related stuff, there's quite a bit of fixing in it
[3:32] You: We're also doing some architecture stuff so that we have good tasks for the next sprint
[3:32] You: We're also doing some architecture stuff so that we have good tasks for the next sprint
[3:32] Tuomo Korva: would be nice to get short tutorials to wiki about ye new features
[3:32] Tuomo Korva: or at least descriptions
[3:32] Tuomo Korva: or at least descriptions
[3:32] Sakai OpenLife: such as...
[3:33] You: we'll keep working full speed towards a more functional grid mode at least until tomorrow evening, when we evaluate the situation again
[3:33] You: I can provide you with some documentation pretty soon
[3:33] You: wiki-stuff will be coming sort of soonish also, perhaps
[3:33] Tuomo Korva: see the change log what to document
[3:33] Tuomo Korva: see the change log what to document
[3:33] Anna Asplund: I would like to know if you are testing some lc features also? we would like some feedback maybe?
[3:33] Tuomo Korva: Global inventory for different asset types
[3:34] Tuomo Korva: Global instant messaging between sims
[3:34] Tuomo Korva: etc...
[3:34] Tuomo Korva: etc...
[3:34] Sakai OpenLife: global messaging is that building off teravus's XMPP work?
[3:34] You: but we haven't really dug into Ludo stuff as of yet
[3:34] You: we have our own global IM placeholder right now
[3:34] You: we have our own global IM placeholder right now
[3:35] Sakai OpenLife: kool
[3:35] You: we're looking into building a proper system or hopefully rather picking up one that already exists
[3:35] Sakai OpenLife: it would be good to pick up an existing sys
[3:35] Tuomo Korva: double messages, bug...
[3:36] You: fixing that bug will probably require rewriting a lot of the comms code
[3:36] Sakai OpenLife: there's some good examples in OS -> I can grab you an SVN #
[3:36] You: did Sakai & co already do something about it?
[3:36] Sakai OpenLife: for the commit that fixed double chat
[3:36] You: yeah I remember you mentioning it
[3:38] Mikko Pallari: If I remember correctly, they added acks to chat msgs
[3:38] Sakai OpenLife: yup
[3:38] You: anyway, there's not much more to tell about our current situation
[3:38] Sakai OpenLife: there's a lot unack'd in ur current code
[3:38] You: so Anna, please go ahead and tell us about LudoCraft
[3:38] Anna Asplund: We have been testing all new features at LudoCraft, and doing the documentation to wiki
[3:39] Anna Asplund: Integrating create avatar account feature to realXtend webpages is still on our task list. However we cannot change the appearance of the form.
[3:39] You: anyway, the entire comms stuff is a bit flaky right now and I wouldn't mind a complete rewrite of major portions, it'll just take time
[3:40] Anna Asplund: This create avatar account is something that needs work from your side, if possible?! or how do you suggest we should do it?
[3:40] You: ok, Rock-Andy said he'll be sending you the code for the interface
[3:40] Anna Asplund: That sounds good.
[3:41] Tuomo Korva: so we'll do release candidates on monday morning?
[3:41] You: erm hopefully perhaps maybe
[3:41] Anna Asplund: can you specify?
[3:41] Sakai OpenLife chuckles...
[3:42] You: we should at least aim for rc phase on Monday morning
[3:42] Anna Asplund: Antti, you said you might visit Ludocraft tomorrow?
[3:42] Tuomo Korva: bugfixing and testing unti then
[3:42] You: sure, I wouldn't mind having a chat with you guys
[3:43] You: and tomorrow would probably be the best day to do so
[3:43] Tuomo Korva: only sure-fixes and critical-fixes to SVN
[3:43] Tuomo Korva: no new features
[3:43] Anna Asplund: New features can wait until next sprint
[3:44] Tuomo Korva: we're using the r15 for this release, that is certain now
[3:44] Sakai OpenLife: If Klee was here it might be worth finding out how much further he has gotten
[3:45] Sakai OpenLife: we already have R15.1 stable
[3:45] Sakai OpenLife: and now R16 alpha
[3:45] Tuomo Korva: i think we'll go with r15 for this release
[3:45] Sakai OpenLife: all work after R15.1 ->R16
[3:45] Sakai OpenLife: is RealXtend based work
[3:45] Tuomo Korva: that's what we have been testing
[3:45] You: it would be nice to have Klee and our client coders co-ordinate a bit
[3:45] You: but I assume that's already sort of sorted?
[3:45] Sakai OpenLife: we're trying ... need to get you guys pushed into TRAC
[3:45] Tuomo Korva: which was not that great
[3:45] Tuomo Korva: he put some code to svn after the freeze
[3:45] You: ok
[3:46] Sakai OpenLife: yes
[3:46] Sakai OpenLife: based on feedback from the early 20080828 release you guys made it was very unstable
[3:46] Sakai OpenLife: 50/50 just to get a startup
[3:46] Sakai OpenLife: he's put a lot more work into this issue
[3:47] Tuomo Korva: in our tests r15 seems to be very stable
[3:47] Tuomo Korva: we haven't had random crashes for a long time
[3:47] Sakai OpenLife: the actual viewer running yes stable
[3:47] Sakai OpenLife: but with different hardware out there
[3:47] Sakai OpenLife: it's been very hit and moss to actually get the client to load
[3:48] You: well, in the future we're going to get a pretty broad userbase and thus more configurations etc.
[3:49] You: maybe we should come up with some sort of a bug reporting form so that we get consistent data on the users' systems
[3:49] Sakai OpenLife: yes there were a lot of issues with Ati users
[3:49] Sakai OpenLife: we have in place for the public dev beta testing grid
[3:49] Sakai OpenLife: an issue reporting system
[3:49] You: sounds nice, I'll have to check it out sometime
[3:49] Sakai OpenLife: which we'll then try to marry up with server log / reproduce etc
[3:50] Sakai OpenLife: and input into track
[3:50] Sakai OpenLife: so that TRAC doesn't become a large collection of untested bugs
[3:50] Anna Asplund: That is a good idea to make a simple enough report form or use any available system
[3:50] Sakai OpenLife: yes that's pretty much what we've done
[3:50] Sakai OpenLife: made a simplified report system with search and view others etc
[3:50] Sakai OpenLife: then we'll go through that information
[3:50] Anna Asplund: ok
[3:51] Sakai OpenLife: and create TRAC tickets
[3:51] Anna Asplund: how much data/input you get from users?
[3:51] Sakai OpenLife: (prevent a bloated untested collection of tickets)
[3:51] Sakai OpenLife: heeeeeeeaps
[3:51] Sakai OpenLife: lol
[3:51] Anna Asplund: Does it take long to process their reports?
[3:51] Sakai OpenLife: there's probably a good 2-3000 users ready to get into the public beta
[3:51] Sakai OpenLife: not long
[3:51] Sakai OpenLife: we're here full time
[3:52] Sakai OpenLife: when we're ready to open we'll keep daily SVN update to the public beta
[3:52] Sakai OpenLife: to keep the debug relevant
[3:52] Sakai OpenLife: so you could see them within hours of them coming in
[3:52] Sakai OpenLife: we'll also do a viewer 'control'
[3:52] You: sounds reasonable
[3:52] Sakai OpenLife: to the system
[3:53] Anna Asplund: hmm, what do you mean viewer control
[3:53] Sakai OpenLife: by having a recommened DL for the dev beta environment only
[3:53] Sakai OpenLife: bug reports are rather useless if we're not sure of what they're connecting with
[3:53] Sakai OpenLife: so we keep all the participants up to date
[3:54] Sakai OpenLife: with whatever test viewer of the day
[3:54] Anna Asplund: all right, that is true
[3:54] Tuomo Korva: we have another meeting starting in 5 mins, i guess we have gone through the important issues
[3:54] Anna Asplund: yes, what do you think antti? should we end this meeting
[3:55] You: I suppose there's nothing more to report about what LC is doing?
[3:55] You: are there any issues anyone would like to raise?
[3:55] Sakai OpenLife: well...
[3:55] Sakai OpenLife: lol
[3:55] Anna Asplund: planning the content of course and planning the features for next sprint
[3:55] Anna Asplund: this we could discuss tomorrow, if you visit
[3:56] You: ok
[3:56] You: hmm next tuesday's the planning date?
[3:56] You: aargh I didn't remember
[3:56] You: aargh I didn't remember
[3:56] You: it's going to be busy for us all
[3:56] Anna Asplund: yes, so do we meet then or not
[3:57] Anna Asplund: maybe a bit difficult, but doable
[3:57] You: but anyway, I believe we can conclude this meeting and continue about that later
[3:57] You: I'll be there tomorrow, sure
[3:57] Anna Asplund: see you later
[3:57] You: ok
[3:57] Sakai OpenLife: Cya Anna
[3:57] Tuomo Korva: bye
[3:57] You: thanks for being here
[3:57] Anna Asplund: bye everyone
[3:57] You: see you later alligators

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