perjantai 22. elokuuta 2008

A small step for a prim

The humble little prim knew this was going to be a special day. It had spent its entire life preparing for this very moment, all two minutes of it. All the pyramid-shaped prims in the world were cheering for it and the entire media of Primlandia was ready to immortalize the name "Pyramiitti" after a successful test. The residents of the brave new virtual world were hungry for heroes in these troubling days and they were about to get one. As Pyramiitti stepped into the global inventory of a quick little robot, silence fell upon the land of prims like a cloud of anticipation and excitement.

When light once again fondled the noble shape of the prim Pyramiitti, silence gave way to a thunderous roar of a nation of virtual reality objects going crazy from pure joy. Prims and meshes were hugging each other with tears in their eyes, the entire virtual universe felt a sense of unity never experienced before. The humble little prim had shattered the barriers that had previously prevented prims from following avatars, the pathfinders of the virtual universe. The great joy and priviledge of seamlessly crossing the borders of virtual worlds until now reserved only for avatars, was now available for objects as well.

Humble little Pyramiitti the Prim looked at his traveling companion, the prestigious avatar, not really knowing if it was appropriate to take the center stage in this festival of achievement. The avatar nodded and gave way to the little prim; they were no longer a class apart, prims and venerable avatars were now finally united as travelers of the virtual universe. Gathering all the courage a humble little prim could muster, he stepped forth and as he did so, silence once again fell as the spectators of this unforgettable moment prepared for the historical words of the first prim virtunaut.

Humble little Pyramiitti cleared his throat and with as much sound as a little prim can generate yelled: "this is REALXTEND"! The echoes of the historical words hadn't faded when the crowd again burst into a deafening roar. Some were crying of joy, some shouted the name of the great adventurer prim, many were just screaming in agony as someone stepped on their toes or other vertexes during the celebrations. The humble little prim was picked up and carried around as the jubilant crowd celebrated throughout the night.

The barriers were no more. Where there used to be isolation and despair, there now was only freedom and adventure. A prim had crossed the boundary of virtual worlds. Opportunities were endless and it was easy to see that this was a sign of great things to come. Sure, there was room for improvement in the technology, but it didn't take an optimist to figure out that they would be a walk in the park for those who can travel across the universe. What a great day.

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