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realXtend weekly meeting logs August 27 2008

Here's the chat log from our latest weekly meeting. Once again, "You" refers to "me", which in this case is Antti Ilomäki.

[9:34] Jani Pirkola: Okay, lets start the meeting
[9:34] Jani Pirkola: Antti, I hope you could save the log
[9:35] Jani Pirkola: And collect possible action points
[9:35] Jani Pirkola: Antti, go ahead
[9:35] Jani Pirkola: your status report
[9:35] You: well, mikko probably knows the latest news, but all in all, things are progressing as usual
[9:36] You: working on nhibernate and grid mode
[9:36] You: web interface for user management works partially, needs a bit additional design
[9:36] You: and some features
[9:36] You: mikko, how's the situation with cross-sim IM?
[9:36] Mikko Pallari: yeah. matti made some grid fixes, but I think it is not still working properly enough
[9:37] You: we'll have to look into the grid mode in more detail, but Matti and maybe Mikko as well should have time left in this sprint to focus on those important features
[9:38] Jani Pirkola: great
[9:39] Jani Pirkola: so no problems, basically, am I right?
[9:39] You: Then the material stuff with Adam is in pretty good shape, he's still missing LudoCraft description, but it shouldn't be a problem
[9:39] Jani Pirkola: Is someone taking care of that?
[9:39] You: no problems if you don't count the number of bug fixes and feature requests
[9:40] You: then again I hope Matti gets the VoIP done quickly, we need to start planning reX Center and content servers etc. before next sprint
[9:40] You: Anna is working on it AFAIK
[9:40] Jani Pirkola: great
[9:41] Jani Pirkola: did you find what is wrong with woip?
[9:42] You: Not yet really, but Matti seems to be narrowing it down little by little
[9:42] Jani Pirkola: Antti, Anna is asking you to come to skype, could you manage that a the same time
[9:42] You: It could have something to do with how the voice libraries are being used or the TCP traffic, Matti is looking into it
[9:43] You: probably, this is my actually working computer at home
[9:43] Jani Pirkola: sounds good, hopefully at the end at least
[9:43] Jani Pirkola: Hi Anna
[9:43] Anna Asplund: Hi
[9:52] Jani Pirkola: Okay, Anna, could you continue to report Ludocraft status?
[9:52] Anna Asplund: Okay
[9:53] Anna Asplund: We are doing the fixes after viewer merge
[9:53] Anna Asplund: Heikki T is redoing some work on the light maps
[9:53] Anna Asplund: and Lasse fixes
[9:54] Jani Pirkola: (btw after you are ready with the status, say that out loud so we dont wait you to say something more)
[9:54] Anna Asplund: Tuomo does postprocessing effects and random avatar function
[9:54] Anna Asplund: Then we have feature that enables avatar change from human to fish
[9:55] Anna Asplund: which is used for our new content purposes
[9:55] You: how about robot to fish?
[9:55] Anna Asplund: That is possible also
[9:55] You: maybe robot to submarine
[9:55] Anna Asplund: Our content team is doing underwater world
[9:56] Anna Asplund: The content is about 10 percent of the concept we have so far
[9:56] Anna Asplund: I mean 10 per cent ready ;)
[9:56] Matti Kuonanoja is Online
[9:56] Anna Asplund: We have one fish that is animated somehow but needs fixing
[9:56] Jani Pirkola: do you plan to have it 100% at the time we do the press release?
[9:56] Anna Asplund: No way
[9:57] Anna Asplund: I mean we have 1 level demo for the press release this september
[9:57] Jani Pirkola: Do you plan to have it 100% by the time we have the press event?
[9:57] Anna Asplund: What press event, the one in November?
[9:57] Jani Pirkola: is the level 1 demo public so people can come in?
[9:58] Anna Asplund: I think we will have some percentage between 50-100%
[9:58] Jani Pirkola: Yes, we have planned only one press event, around the end of november
[9:58] Anna Asplund: Yes, it is public but limited area
[9:58] Jani Pirkola: that is fine then
[9:58] Matti Kuonanoja is Offline
[9:58] Anna Asplund: Good
[9:58] Jani Pirkola: When do you estimate we will have 100%?
[9:58] Anna Asplund: Hopefully by the end of year
[9:59] Anna Asplund: But our content can be used even if the planned concept is not 100%
[9:59] Jani Pirkola: Did Tuomo get that server from Tommi? Have you tried to use it?
[9:59] You: is it possible to get teaser screenshots from your test environment to the LA expo?
[9:59] Anna Asplund: The Vision is always greater than what is realized actually
[9:59] Anna Asplund: I can ask Tomi, it is not for sure yet
[10:00] Jani Pirkola: Enough of the vision is good enough ;)
[10:00] Anna Asplund: Which server do you mean?
[10:00] Jani Pirkola: One of our four servers in US
[10:00] Jani Pirkola: Where the seaworld will be located
[10:00] Anna Asplund: I asked Tuomo earlier, but I will check that again, that is important
[10:01] Jani Pirkola: okay, let me know how it goes
[10:02] Anna Asplund: Okay, Tuomo has tried it this week, but has not done anything yet
[10:02] Jani Pirkola: is it already accessible?
[10:02] Anna Asplund: He got in, that's about it
[10:02] Jani Pirkola: Would be nice to pop in every once in a while
[10:02] Jani Pirkola: okay
[10:02] Jani Pirkola: anything else?
[10:03] Anna Asplund: We have talked about the targets and measurements
[10:03] Jani Pirkola: yes, it is on our agenda
[10:03] Jani Pirkola: we can talk about it when we come to that
[10:03] Anna Asplund: Yes, I see
[10:03] Jani Pirkola: My status report:
[10:04] Jani Pirkola: I have developed idea that we give out free servers for individuals and organizations
[10:04] Jani Pirkola: That is to promote 3D Internet and realXtend
[10:05] Jani Pirkola: I am trying to negotiate with different service providers to find a good and not so expensive model of cooperation
[10:05] Jani Pirkola: Then a question to you Antti; could you make the press release for the September and send it to me Anna and Ville
[10:06] Jani Pirkola: The one about the funders
[10:06] You: probably, I'll need to know what's supposed to be in it, though
[10:07] Anna Asplund: Yes, will we also tell all our contributors etc
[10:07] Jani Pirkola: Then I want you to think about if we should have a realXtend conference, something like the opensim/realxtend meeting we had at the end of January
[10:07] Jani Pirkola: Antti, write what you would like to include in the press release and I will comment it back
[10:07] You: hmm
[10:07] You: rolling in the snow with people again
[10:07] You: sounds fun
[10:07] Jani Pirkola: But the main message is just to reveal our funders, contributors
[10:08] You: who do we invite
[10:08] You: what's the deadline
[10:08] Jani Pirkola: For the conference I think we would invite all the active contributors, all realxtend project members and collaboration company personnel, plus OpenSim core
[10:09] Anna Asplund: It is quite soon, I think these kind of happenings should be planned carefully to get all the good out of it
[10:09] Jani Pirkola: I guess that could make something like 100 people
[10:09] Anna Asplund: You mean for November then for sure?
[10:09] Jani Pirkola: I was esitmating that it could be somewhere at the end of February next year
[10:09] Anna Asplund: Ok, that sounds good
[10:09] You: it might be pretty expensive, though
[10:09] Jani Pirkola: There could be a smallish registration fee to cover the costs
[10:10] Jani Pirkola: I have budgeted some money for it and I expect to get some sponsors as well
[10:10] Anna Asplund: Could we organize an event in some big conference instead
[10:10] Anna Asplund: Where these people might come anyway
[10:10] You: it could be a meeting for OpenSimn developers as well
[10:10] Jani Pirkola: I want to see it happen at Oulu, that is an important thing for us and it kind of contnues the heritage
[10:11] Jani Pirkola: and we try to keep it as small as possible
[10:11] Anna Asplund: 100 people
[10:11] Jani Pirkola: but still get all the relevant people in
[10:11] Anna Asplund: is a lot
[10:11] You: yeah, I could keep it smaller than 100 if I really trief
[10:12] Jani Pirkola: We need a separate entity to take care of all the arrangements
[10:12] Anna Asplund: Who could that be? Oulu Innovation?
[10:12] Jani Pirkola: The last January meeting was an excellent kick-start for us to get to know everyone in the industry
[10:12] Jani Pirkola: Oulu Innovation is one possiblity
[10:13] Jani Pirkola: I will ask this around there and I hope you could think about it as well
[10:13] Jani Pirkola: To continue my status report; I will meet Aaron again tomorrow, I think Antti is joining. Aki and Harri may come too if you can make them accounts, Antti.
[10:14] Anna Asplund: Somehow I think inviting people in small groups could be more effective, if we need contacts, but your idea is good, if we watn to create big event
[10:14] Jani Pirkola: We will meet Nick, who is heading TWGs at immersive education
[10:14] Anna Asplund: What is the main topic of conversation
[10:14] You: what time was it tomorrow?
[10:14] Jani Pirkola: Anna, I think we need to have separatte tracks like in conferences if we are over 30 people
[10:14] You: aki and harri have accounts already
[10:14] Jani Pirkola: 9 pm Finnish time
[10:15] Jani Pirkola: 3 pm Boston time
[10:15] Jani Pirkola: I hope I calculated the time right
[10:15] Anna Asplund: I mean for Immersive Education people
[10:15] Anna Asplund: There was some talk about 10 pm also
[10:16] Jani Pirkola: I agreed about 3 pm Boston time, so that might be 10 pm Finnish time...
[10:16] Anna Asplund: Last time we had a meeting it was at 9 pm and in Boston 2 pm? I think
[10:16] Jani Pirkola: Okay then I calculated that in a wrong way
[10:16] Jani Pirkola: so it is 10pm then
[10:16] Anna Asplund: Hopefully, double check that
[10:17] Jani Pirkola: I met World45 at Monday, we had a good introductions about who we are and who they are
[10:17] Jani Pirkola: We will continue discussions with them
[10:17] Jani Pirkola: Then I and Antti, we had a meeting with G2
[10:17] Jani Pirkola: They are subcontractors for Microsoft
[10:17] Jani Pirkola: And they got a walk-through for realxtend
[10:18] Jani Pirkola: G2 will show realXtend for Microsoft later this week
[10:18] Jani Pirkola: And I will continue discussions with them
[10:18] Jani Pirkola: Okay, thats pretty much all
[10:18] Jani Pirkola: from my statys
[10:19] Jani Pirkola: Then we can go to measurements
[10:19] Jani Pirkola: 1: in the agenda
[10:19] Jani Pirkola: Antti, anything you want to say?
[10:19] You: related to the measurements, not really at the moment
[10:20] Anna Asplund: We have discussed the measurements and have some questions
[10:20] Jani Pirkola: Okay, how about you Anna?
[10:20] You: We'll make the baseline measurements at the end of this sprint
[10:20] Anna Asplund: Look and feel will be measured by making some 5-10 question list
[10:20] Jani Pirkola: sounds good
[10:20] Anna Asplund: we are working on that with Tony and Tomi
[10:21] Anna Asplund: but is it necessary to compare to state of the art game?
[10:21] Anna Asplund: virtual worlds should be ok
[10:21] You: some of the measurements are a bit tricky
[10:21] Anna Asplund: yes they should be defined more precisely
[10:22] Jani Pirkola: Antti, feel free to change/modify any of the measurements that are on your teams responsibility. Same goes for you Anna
[10:22] Anna Asplund: I think it requires a RL meeting
[10:22] You: for example average server uptime is a bit problematic without adequate statistical data
[10:22] Anna Asplund: Yes, we had comment on that also
[10:22] Jani Pirkola: Antti, you just need to find a measure that makes sense
[10:23] Jani Pirkola: If you cant, then just drop it
[10:23] You: one or two servers that are also used for testing purposes aren't enough to calculate such averages at meaningful accuracy
[10:23] Anna Asplund: And viewer crashes, % rate, with which users, where
[10:23] You: that stuff would be really good to know, it's just difficult to do right now
[10:24] Jani Pirkola: We will measure what we can, hopefully at the end of this sprint to get a baseline.
[10:24] Jani Pirkola: We can add new measurements as they become possible and meaningful
[10:24] Anna Asplund: If the future of this project depends on these measurements, we should have goals that are measurable and things that need to be improved should be on task lists
[10:25] Jani Pirkola: You can challenge developers as well to think about them because that is a good way to notice if they are doing a good work
[10:25] You: I was thinking of getting a student project to program statistics analyzing software for us
[10:25] Anna Asplund: But can we meet face to face and discuss this?
[10:26] You: our servers record a good deal of information right now, its readability is a bit lacking, however
[10:26] Jani Pirkola: I hope you could, maybe with Mikko and Lasse (Antti and Anna). I will be happy with what you find out.
[10:26] You: we need some kind of a parser
[10:26] Anna Asplund: That is a good idea Antti? What is the student schedule for this kind of stuff, can they produce efficient work
[10:26] You: well they're usually not really good, but the software should be relatively simple to do
[10:27] Anna Asplund: yep
[10:27] Jani Pirkola: When you could have the RL meeting?
[10:27] Jani Pirkola: I would say as soon as possible
[10:27] Anna Asplund: Next week, maybe Tuesday
[10:27] Jani Pirkola: You can schedule that later over the mail.
[10:27] You: some of our programmers need to do that course, so having them work on something useful is always a bonus for us
[10:28] Anna Asplund: Or if it needs to quicker, then even tomorrow?
[10:28] Jani Pirkola: To continue our agenda; I dont want to run over the schedule we have
[10:28] You: we'll have to discuss the schedule later
[10:28] Anna Asplund: Thanks Jani
[10:29] Jani Pirkola: 2: downloads, documentation, wikis and sites
[10:29] Jani Pirkola: I am not very happy with the
[10:29] Jani Pirkola: not because of our team
[10:29] Jani Pirkola: but we need something more like a wiki
[10:29] Jani Pirkola: so we have
[10:30] Jani Pirkola: There we can create pages like you can see our agenda on
[10:30] Anna Asplund: Is that easy to use and accessible?
[10:30] Jani Pirkola: Later we can add community members to edit and add content
[10:30] Jani Pirkola: Anna, it is really easy to use
[10:30] Jani Pirkola: and it works
[10:30] Jani Pirkola: I have been testing it
[10:31] Jani Pirkola: Unfortunately it supports only max 10MB files, so we cant move all our assets like videos there
[10:31] Anna Asplund: Okay, should we start testing it at first and then make a decision?
[10:31] Jani Pirkola: yes, take a look at it and tell me how you feel about it
[10:32] Anna Asplund: We'll do that
[10:32] Jani Pirkola: Okay, do you have Any Other Business we need to talk about?
[10:32] You: well, there's the time of the weekly meetings
[10:33] Jani Pirkola: Youre right, I suggested that we move the weekly meeting to Tuesday
[10:33] Anna Asplund: This Oulu Innovation magazine need cover picture of you Jani
[10:33] Anna Asplund: But I will call you later
[10:33] Jani Pirkola: Didnt Ville have photos already?
[10:33] You: am I on the centerfold?
[10:34] Anna Asplund: Yes, that is a good idea Antti
[10:34] Anna Asplund: We have photos, but Innovator wants something more
[10:34] Jani Pirkola: Antti, I will be on technology magazines, you can take care of playgirl etc... :)
[10:35] Jani Pirkola: Okay, you can give my contact details for them, I suppose they have photographers
[10:35] You: we could start selling realXtend calendars with different developer for eaxh month
[10:35] Anna Asplund: I gave your contacts already
[10:35] Jani Pirkola: Okay, I will agree on time with them
[10:35] Anna Asplund: great
[10:35] Jani Pirkola: thanks Anna for taking care of that
[10:36] Jani Pirkola: So is it okay for everyone to move our weekly meetings to Tuesdays
[10:36] Anna Asplund: I don't have anything else
[10:36] Anna Asplund: Yes that suits me
[10:36] You: sure
[10:36] Jani Pirkola: antti?
[10:37] Jani Pirkola: ok
[10:37] Jani Pirkola: I think we are ready
[10:37] Jani Pirkola: Thanks everyone
[10:37] Anna Asplund: Thanks
[10:37] You: ok
[10:37] Jani Pirkola: ttyl!

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